Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Greetings

Every day is filled with the bright promise of a new day.  Somehow Sundays always exude a wee little bit more bright promise than the other six days.  (Devotees of TGIF might dispute that assertion.)  I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Sunday Best" to describe getting all dressed up to go to church or a social or whatever.  There's "Sunday Drive," "Sunday Golf Game" and a whole host of other monikers that allude to Sunday's allure.  Sunday is just flat out a Great Day, I'm sure we would all agree on that.

After our Graduation Cornbread this morning, we'll have the distinct pleasure of enjoying a Sunday Bike Ride.  We haven't had one of those for what like seems FOREVER and we've both been longing to be back on the saddle cruising the Greenbelt and The Central Valley's pristine pathways. For us, this Sunday is filled with the bright promise of a wonderful morning pedal through a deserted downtown and a relaxing coast down by the riverside.

Yesterday's mass mayhem down by the riverside was quite fun.  It's just such a huge crush of humanity during the duck race.  There's a tangible excitement in the air and all the children are positively giddy with glee at the sight of thousands of colorful ducks slowly floating downstream to destiny.  We will post up some more photos and append them to the post below.  Last night I simply had to post up the photo of the ducks falling through the sky from that huge dumpster.  Ha, Ha, I got a laugh at my own expense this morning when I saw a late night typo.  I spelled "sky" as SLY.  That's often what happens when I try to compose a blog post at 10 pm.  I'm just glad that was the only typo of the evening.  LBRs know I'm much better off writing stuff in the morning rather than the evening, especially the late evening.

In conjunction with this week's Cornbread Craziness, we've also been working on chicken thighs and mashed potatoes.  Heaven only knows why but I've been almost raptured by the challenge of baking thighs "just right."  Ditto the potatoes.  Well, rest easy.  We definitely mastered both this week and last night we just flat out NAILED the chicken thighs--they were as good as they can get.  As some of our friends know, we started grilling thighs in January 2007 and worked for years trying to perfect the use of the Patio Caddie grill to serve up top notch thighs.  Frankly, I doubt I will ever bother to attempt to grill them that way again.  El Turco turns out a thigh that's far better than anything I could possibly grill.  Who knew?  We won't bother you here with the technical details of the thigh cooking process.  We're reactivated the "ifyoueat" blog and you can click here to read all about the thighs.

We'll talk potatoes another time but suffice to say the blue cheese really takes mashed potatoes to the next level.

Well, the morning is zipping right along and it's time for more java juice.  We'll come back and chatter more later.

Have a Superb Sunday doing whatever you love and enjoy many Sunday Cheers!  jp

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