Thursday, June 24, 2010


Lazy Morning again.  After a couple of pots of coffee and last night's chile served over hashbrowns we set up some Campfire Croquet.  LBRs will remember a recent post about Extreme Croquet.  This was our first attempt at it and we called it "mildly extreme croquet."  The rocks, twigs, roots and steep slope made it a real challenge.  It's a LOT more fun than croquet play in clipped, smooth grass!

Then it was off to attempt to get to Jade Lakes.  We didn't make it.  There was too much snow but we got to within maybe a quarter mile of our goal before the snow became overwhelming.  I fell in one drift darned near up to my armpits and had to swim out on my belly on the surface of the snow--no other way to get out--totally soaked when I got out.  Anyway, Prudence told us to turn back-you know Prudence, don't you? She's totally cool.

Came into Dubois and toured the Museum.  It's the best small town museum we've ever seen.  Will talk more about it when we return to Idaho Falls.  Time is running out on me here today at the Dubois Public Library.

Susun is touring the downtown shops while I check email and pen something on El Blogosphere.  Dubois claims to be home to the Giant Jackalope. Well, it's been a great trip here--we want to come back soon.  Will be hitting the road early tomorrow so we can goof off in the Tetons--maybe rent a canoe on Jenny Lake.

Thanks, Wayne, for your awesome comment!  Well, gotta post pix and run.  TTFN & Cheers, jp
PS--We each got to see a pretty good size rock fall from the Breccia Cliffs.  They sound like a gunshot and then there's a huge cloud of dust and you see big boulders rolling down.  Amazing.  Also, the falls are 150 feet.


Drewser said...

Susun on a reindeer bunny: Best. Picture. Ever.

Unknown said...

You two know how to have fun! Weather sounds much more interesting than the 111 here today.

Anonymous said...


Looks to me like you two are having a great time. Weather seems much better where you are. Only 111 here today.


stasea said...

stasea was here june 25th 9;36 am hawaii time!! all caught with ya!!