Friday, June 25, 2010

Safe @ Home

Gee, it's a little after 7 pm.  I've obviously been remiss in not posting up to this blog earlier.  We left The Falls Campground precisely @ 9 am and arrived at our home in Idaho Falls @ precisely 1 pm.  All gear was unloaded into the Camp Warehouse, the truck was refueled and parked by 2 pm.  The lawn was mowed by 2:45 pm.  All shopping errands to various stores was completed by 5:15 pm.  Happy Hour then commenced.  Susun did a great job making the place look great this afternoon.  Lately, she has been showing off her Secret Shopper purchases at the Dubois Opportunity Store. WOW, she did a great job.  There's lots more to report, of course, but at least we posted up here this evening.  Now...back to Happy Hour.  We'll C-YA tomorrow morning.  Have a great evening & MANY Cheers!  jp

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