Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Site #14

Here's some photos of our setup at the Falls Campground. Later in the season we figure it will be real dusty, crowded and filled with mosquitoes and blackflies, not to mention hordes of annoying tourons.  Right now, it's about as good as it gets.  Chances are it's going to be quite wet up there today--it's already raining in Dubois and everywhere you look there's dark clouds on the horizon.  Nice day to hang out in the museum, library, thrift store, grocery and Welty's General Store.  The shot of the rock is known as The Breccia Cliffs.  The photo was taken about 50 feet from our tent.  Lots of Kodachrome Moments 'round this neck of the woods.
We put in a close up of the tent rig especially for LBR Drewster.  He's quite the camper, too, and we have been swapping various "camp stories" in the past few weeks.  Prior to this trip, we bought two more 2x2's.  Each of them has a 10 penny nail in the top.  The nails fit through a tarp grommet.  In this manner, it's posisble to "fly" the tarp much like a sailboat sail is "flown" from the mast and boom of a sailboat.  It makes for a really stout, taut tarp rig that should be able to withstand today thunderstorm winds.  "Should" is the key word here.

Note the small sign we made for this trip.  It's at the bottom of the post by Susun's feet.  It's a whole lot friendlier than the previous sign we had--the one that said, "I buy poodle pelts."

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John and Susan:

It sounds truly awesome. And those cliffs - geez if more people knew about this they'd do what you are doing. Thanks for your posts!