Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New net acronym discovered - HOL

HOL? Yes, HOL! It's a cousin of LOL. Most of us know what LOL means since LOL is one of the major Grand Daddy acronyms of the Net. LOL = "Laugh Out Loud." Most people have had the LOL affect happen to them at some time or other. Most of the time, you sit silently in front of your computer, staring blankly into the screen and pecking away on your QWERTY. Once in a great, great while, you will see something that breaks the decorum and you will LOL. We've discussed this phenomena before here on this blog. So, LBRs and others should be fully informed about LOL and consider what I have just written here as totally redundant. I realize that reality. However, it was necessary to do an "LOL Refresher" in order to introduce a BRAND NEW NET ACRONYM! (Drum roll, please.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you in all of its glory: HOL

So what the heck is HOL, anyway? Holy with a missing "y" or what? Nope, HOL is: HOLLERED OUT LOUD.

Obviously, HOL is a much more powerful phenomena than LOL. Heck, you could LOL with a mere audible chuckle. But not HOL. To qualify for an HOL, well, you have to actually HOLLER! Now, mind you, hollering is never timid, it's never quiet and it's never meek. Nope, to holler, you have to holler, there's really no middle ground. You can do what some people characterize as "raising your voice" but that most definitely doesn't count as hollering. Hollering is in a category all its own.

That's why we are proud to say that Stasea Rae's photo with Johnny Depp actually sparked the creation of the new acronym HOL. We're proud to know that our blog was responsible in some small way for adding a new piece of lingo to the Net.

How did it happen? Well, LBR Goatherder's wife (who shall remain un-named at this point) took a look at the Stasea-Depp photo and, well, "hollered out loud!" There you have it, HOL, ain't it sweet?

If you like to read the little comment ditties below some of these posts, you can find Goatherder's historic comment that sparked the creation of this new acronym. We sure hope this blog elicits more HOL reactions--that would be a good thing, doncha think?


The Goatherder said...

How nice to play a little part in the cannibalization of the English language here on the internets. By the way, Mrs. Goatherder prefers SWMBO--She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Marti Spudboater said...

I check Goatherder's comment and realized that he also uses that classic term "wimmin", as in "wimmin folk", which reminded me of our dear departed hot springs man, John Baumgartner, who gave the hot springs to the USFS for the chitlins and wimmin folk, though I loosely paraphrase his German.

The Goatherder said...

Since my re-formation, I always make a concerted effort to avoid calling wimmin "girls". They don't like it for some reason. My goats don't mind being called "girls", 'cept the bucks of course, they get testy.