Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting back to normal

Today we will actually begin to unload the truck. Couldn't face it yesterday during the almost all day rainstorm. Today is bright and sunny and that helps our disposition immensely. Yesterday, we did actually unpack the new boat and blew it up and then deflated it. We prefer to roll it our own way--not the factory method. Yeah, it takes up a lot more space but it's easier to mess with. We did a bunch of grocery shopping and finally fixed the window on the camper shell. That was actually pretty energetic for us as tired as we were yesterday. Today will be a lot more energetic. LBR Marti B. and I have been swapping emails this morning about Extreme Croquet. I never heard of such a thing but thanks to the internet, I now almost feel like an expert, even though I have not played a nano-second of extreme croquet. Both Marti and I agree: Extreme Croquet will be the next happening thing in our World of Games. We will probably create a special online place so we can all learn about Extreme Croquet together.

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