Thursday, May 6, 2010

What the (.....)?

You can fill in the blank in the blog post title with your own word of choice.  You can imagine what I thought when I looked out the window this morning.  What the (....)!!!!  I guess the good thing is that we got most of our yard work done yesterday BS (Before Snow).  Good thing Susun has her flowers downstairs under a grow light!  The poor daffodils have their heads all turned down and look so forelorn.  Luckily, most of the trees haven't leafed out yet so the snow load (such as it is) won't be snapping any limbs.  We had an early season snowstorm here October 4th, 2007, that snapped thousands upon thousands of limbs because the leaves hadn't even turned colors yet, let alone fallen from the tree.  It only took a few inches to cause that damage.

A lot of our plans for the day are toast now--we ain't gonna go noplace in the big truck today. Nope, it's gonna sit safely in the backyard.  The Nissan will also probably stand down, too.  If we have to go anywhere, we'll take the four wheel Sidekick.  It's a smaller target for the loco (AKA: Local) high speed drivers to hit!

The Greenbelt Art Bench project made the front page of the local daily newspaper. The Post Register website is down this morning, otherwise, I would attach the article.

More soon--we're going to have lots of time on our hands today.  Cheers, jp

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