Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another busy day

By mid-afternoon, the snow was all gone without even a trace.  The temps rallied to a balmy 47 degrees and we both enjoyed a real busy day.  It was also a very productive day.  Susun spent 4 hours with a client and then managed to get a whole lot of other stuff done, too.  We finally wound up our day about 9 pm after some spirited cribbage over the kitchen table.

Susun is a Cribbage Queen.  She can win blind-folded with her hand (and hands) tied behind her back.  She once beat me 200 games in a row.  I told her tonight she was going to lose and I would beat her two games in a row.  I did.  But it took a miracle.  I won the first game easily.  The second game, I was behind terribly going into the Home Stretch.  It seemed there was no chance of victory.  Somehow, her cards came in really bad and I thought I could count out with only seven pegs to go.  But I had only six points so I was sitting in the last hole before the finish line while she still had her hand and her crib.  DOOM!  By some miracle her cards were terrible and she was only able to put her peg into the last hole, too.  We've NEVER played a cribbage game when both players' pegs were in the last hole together with a new hand to be dealt.

So, the final hand was dealt.  She looked at me and tried to decide which card to lead.  She pondered and pondered and finally led a 9.  HA!  I had a six and called "Fifteen for two" and crossed the finish line!  Ironically, no other card in her hand would have given me a point.  Ah, such is the luck of the draw and the fate of a card played.  It was great to be playing cribbage again.  I swore it off after losing hundreds of games to her.  Time will soon tell if my luck tonight is a harbinger of the future or a fluke of the present.

I have a really long story to tell about a dutch oven and Harbor Freight but it's too danged long to tell tonight.  It will have LOTS of photos and a Happy Ending, too.  But I simply don't have the energy to tell the story tonight.  Tomorrow I will have more "git up and go."

Suffice to say we got lots of really cool stuff done today and life is good.

Have a great evening and Cheers!  jp

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