Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Hey, it's May 1st (AKA: May Day). Happy Days are Here Again! Wiki has a great article on the cultural significance of May Day. Click here to read it. I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered how the "mayday-mayday-mayday" distress call originated. It isn't related to the 1st of May. Instead it comes from the French phrase "venez m'aider," which apparently means "Come and help me."

Today's going to be a real busy day for us. Good thing I am feeling a little better this morning. We're starting off at 8 am at Harbor Freight for their Grand Opening. Then the Idaho Falls Farmers Market (IFFM) opens at 9 am. The Downtown Cultural Walk begins at 11 am. Susun is volunteering for Habitat for Humanity at noon. There's an LDS Emergency Preparedness Fair at the nearby Ammon North Stake. Non-Mormons are invited. These fairs are awesome. There's also a competing Farmers Market out at the Grand Teton Mall that we will look at, too. Whew, that's a load today.

The IFFM is one of our primary partners in our volunteer endeavors. We helped them get a website last year. It's a really good site built and maintained by Virtual Volunteer Deb Newman out of Bucksport, Maine. Bucksport is a mere 2,700 miles from Idaho Falls and Mapquest says it would take 41 hours of non-stop driving to travel there. Ouch. Distance is irrelevant to Virtual Volunteers. Deb is great and she also does the Clayton, Idaho website. Click here to see the IFFM website.

I have two other projects after this morning's agenda is complete. I need to build another Farrah bucket and also clean out a dutch oven in which to fry bacon. We're hungry for some BLT sandwiches. Well, we have to run along now--we want to be part of history when the doors open for Harbor Freight's Grand Opening. A tool guy only gets to savor such an event once--especially in his hometown mere minutes away.

Gee, I almost forgot--we also have to squeeze in a daily walk along the Greenbelt. Maybe our lives need to have little yellow diamond signs like you see along the highway. You know these signs--they say, "Roadwork ahead" and stuff like that. I think our lives need one that says, "Busy Day Ahead."

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