Friday, April 30, 2010


WOW.  The Grand Opening of the Idaho Falls Harbor Freight is tomorrow.  We both could hardly believe our luck in showing up the day before.  Having a Harbor Freight here in Idaho Falls is HUGE in a HUGE degree.  When I walk through the Pearly Gates, I want Heaven to look EXACTLY like a Harbor Freight store.  No kidding, that's how much I love their stores.  They have over 300 of them Nationwide.  Before today, our closest store was in Pocatello.  It was a dowdy old store, way too funky.  In Arizona, our closest store is in the Phoenix metroplex.  We normally go to the one in Mesa nearest to Susun's relatives.  Get this, the new Harbor Freight store is within easy walking distance of our house!!!!  We could walk there in less than 15 minutes!!!
Heck, I bet I could bicycle there in maybe 6-7 minutes!!!  And, get this, the new store is the FINEST Harbor Freight I've ever seen.  It's HUGE and includes all their inventory on display.  No more guessing about what something looks like.  Man, we are both so jazzed about this.  Most of our LBR's have no idea how HUGE this is to us.  Trust us, it's HUGE!  YEEEE--HAAAA, Saddle 'em up, Bucky, we're going to Harbor Freight!

(Note added @ 7 am May 1: We had an overnight comment asking "what is this store all about?" It's about tools--every kind of tool you can imagine. I never met a tool I didn't like so that means I like everything inside Harbor Freight. OK, meanwhile, the store's prices are insanely low, typically far less than half of what competitors would charge for a comparable tool. Some critics say Harbor Freight tools "don't last." This is true. They don't. However, if you are going to use a specialty tool only once or twice as a homeowner, then they are awesome tools. They certainly wouldn't hold up for contractors and commercial users. Those users buy their tools elsewhere. However, for normal homeowners, Harbor Freight is Heaven Sent. It allows people like me to fix stuff without breaking the bank on tool costs. It allows me to undertake a special project without having to take out a loan to buy the tools. Even Susun loves Harbor Freight. In fact, she bought a $10 box yesterday to help organize her beads. She was ecstatic to find it so cheap. In a bead shop the danged box would probably have been $24.95. I spent $5 there yesterday, buying a valve to make a new Farrah bucket. The same valve at Home Depot is $10. Hey, those kind of savings add up real fast! It's exciting since it means there's practically nothing I can't tackle in terms of homeowner maintenance. That's pretty much what the store is all about. Thanks for asking for clarification. I forgot some readers wouldn't understand our excitement about this store.)

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