Friday, April 30, 2010

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple - LDS

We have a great new LBR--Kelli--and she posed a question recently about a story she heard one day at The 2nd Chance Ranch.  With all due respect, we thought this would be a good opportunity to retell the story for posterity.

OK, here is how the story goes. As some of you know, I was director of a volunteer program here in Eastern Idaho for 2.5 years. My Assistant Manager was Debby. Debby has a fabulous resume. She and her late husband managed a major West Bank motel for more than 10 years. This motel had major food service, too.

OK, so one day Debby receives this letter of complaint from an irate customer. Here is how the letter went: "We were seated at a window table in your restaurant along the Snake River. Our male food server came over and we asked him a question. We said, "What is that building on the other side of the river?" He calmly replied, "That is the World's Largest Bowling Trophy."

Well, as you can imagine, this caused quite a stir. Debby had to go confront the employee. It turns out the young man was an LDS Elder who had just returned from a two year mission. The young man's Dad was (at that time) the Bishop of his Ward.

No matter what the circumstances, the young man's reply deeply offended the couple who was dining in that riverfront restaurant.

Meanwhile, however, those of us who have heard this story now look upon the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple with an entirely new perspective.

With all due respect to the LDS Faith and this Temple, we include here two links to help you learn more about the icon.

Click here for the official LDS website about the Temple.

Click here for another description of the Temple.

You can also Google "Idaho Falls Temple" and get a boatload of stuff. Anyway, Thanks, Kelli, for posing the question. We're sorry if this blog post offends some of our LDS Blog readers. The point here is not to be offensive. We're merely repeating a story that happened. Make of it what you will and keep a good attitude.

Cheers, jp

(NOTE:  Susun and I toured the Snowflake, Arizona, Temple, and I personally toured the Rexburg Temple prior to their formal dedication.  We have the utmost respect for the LDS Temples and do not in any way intend this post to demean their importance.)

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Kbred777 said...

Sorry if I offended anyone with my last comment. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful to anyone. Thanks for the reminder of our conversation though John - it really was great to see you and Susun