Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We're very glad and happy to be home safe. Seems like every time we plan to go to or come from Arizona, the weather turns wild and wacky. We got a little of almost everything on this trip. We put up these three blog posts this morning so that they will be in the proper order. I will be adding more narrative to them later today. It's about 9 am here and time to go for a walk. Yes, our streak got broken on this trip! No way were we going to even think about walking anywhere Wednesday or Thursday! Oh, well, no streak is forever. We'll just start another one today and see how far it goes. More later. Thanks for the great comments and emails from our Dear Friends and LBR's!

OK--we're adding some more narrative now.  It was great to drive up to our little house on 12th Street.  Todd's Lawn Service had de-thatched and mowed the yard a couple of days before our arrival.  Thanks, Jeff, for turning us onto Todd!  The daffodils where out in full color.  The trees are just beginning to bud.  The lilacs haven't even thought about blooming yet.  Our neighborhood has a lot of tulips and various other spring flowers in full bloom.  It's great to enjoy this much green grass.  The temps were in the mid-40's yesterday and that's where they are again today.  It's feels great.  It got down into the 30's overnight.  No wind, thank goodness.

Happy Hour was a real celebration last night.  Everything went so smoothly in terms of getting the house up and running again.  There wasn't a single glitch or problem or anything.  It went like clockwork.  We haven't even thought about attempting to unpack the big truck yet.  It's mid-day Friday and it's still sitting there in the back yard like a pregnant elephant.  Neither of us has the energy to even think about it right now.  We did go for a nice walk on the Greenbelt this morning.  Susun took off to get her hair done and she's just now coming in.  I can't wait to see her now "do."  I just took her photo talking with Daughter Stasea--her's her new "do."  I've been doing some volunteer stuff today and met with Todd to get a plan for him to do yard and snow stuff.  He's cool.  We're real happy to be here.  Cheers!  jp

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Kbred777 said...

Glad you made it safely. Love the pictures!

I can't remember - I know we were talking about the Mormon steeples and how they resemble something else. But I can't remember for the life of me what it was!