Saturday, May 1, 2010

The 2010 Farmers Market Season Begins

The Idaho falls Farmers Market has been around over 20 years. It's the largest farmers market in Eastern Idaho. They open the first Saturday in May rain or shine, sleet or snow, howling wind or whatever. They don't care--it's tradition! There's never very many patrons there when the farmers convene. Today was no exception. It's nice to show support for the market by spending money on opening day. I bought 3 pounds of seed potatoes. Heck, it we live in Tater Nation, we might as well grow 'em, too! I also bought a head of fresh picked Romaine lettuce from Woods Gardens in St. Anthony. Shown in the photo are my two pards--Stephanie is at left--she's my main pard there. She and I work closely together year round. She's the manager of the market. Emily is the one with the camera. I recruited her to take photos last summer and she snapped over 600 pix! She brought her new husband, Jason, and daughter Elizabeth along, too. Steph and Emily are great to work with--relentlessly positive and cheerful through thick and thin! (Now it's on to the Harbor Freight ribbon cutting @ 10 am.) After HF, we went back to the IFFM and here's Happy Camper Susun.

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Unknown said...

John - I can't get thru to you on G-mail - something just shuts my machine off. You're so darn busy that I don't know a good time to call - my preference.
So, I'll try this - see if I've got it right.

Those were two epic journeys you made - to andfrom Ariz.I would not have interested in doing either! Congrats to susun and yourself for handling them so well.
All your activities in Ariz. sounded and looked interesting. Your hiking has made me resolve to get out and do more around here. Hope I can do some with you in the future.
I do love bacon. BLTs are a favorite.Eating them outside would be a plus.
Campfires, sunsets on the Rim clouds; floating down a rapid river; seeing a red bird and a pink snake - all great things. Thanks for "blogging" about them.
Best to Susun - a busy lady with a cute grandson.
Dave E.