Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday

Good Morning. Yes, it's a very Good morning. The bright sun is shining in a crystal blue sky and, best of all, there's no wind. This is the tail end of what's called "Wind Season" here in Idaho but we're not out of the woods yet. There's a big wind event due to come Monday and last through Tuesday. Sustained winds are expected to be in the upper 30's, gusting regularly into the 40's. That's what happens when you live on the downwind side of the Snake River Plain. There's nothing to stop the wind for a couple of hundred miles. By the time a west wind hits the Far East side of the Snake Plain, well....use your imagination.

Anyway, this morning is a break in the spring storms and will be a great morning for a nostalgic walk around the Upper Greenbelt. Friday's walk there was fun but the wind teared our eyes and chilled our sinus. Today will be much better. We walked late in the day yesterday but not on the Greenbelt. We went to Ravsten Stadium at the Idaho Falls High School (AKA: Tiger Nation). They spent a million dollars (no kidding) restoring the stadium. Consequently, the stadium steps are in top notch shape and have this really spiffy non-slip surface on them. There are 42 steps to the top so we do Stadium laps. We each did six laps so that's about 250 "up" steps. Believe me, that kind of exercise gets your heart rate up in a hurry.

Then we did a mile around the track. They have a hot rod track--five layers of rubberized asphalt with a latex top coat. It's really cushy walking.

Yesterday was a typical time warp day--maybe about Warp 6. That's Not as bad a Warp Ten Day but it's still pretty high speed. We were on the go all day. It's going to take me awhile to write blog posts about each activity of the day. Hence I am writing this blog post first. Who knows when I will get around to writing about all the other stuff. The day went pretty much as planned but lasted right up until 5 pm. Happy Hour was brief as we were both very tired. Susun had slow cooked a pot of pinto beans with big ol' ham bone we brought from Arizona. They were the best beans she's ever cooked in her whole life. Honest. Anyway, we both ate a couple of big bowls of beans and called it a night.

I know a lot of LBR's love their digital photos. If you live near a Walgreen's here a tip. This week, Walgreen's is selling prints from digital for 50 for $5!!!  Time to rock and roll and get those dormant digitals printed out to 4x6. I've got such a backlog from our recent trip that I will probably have to get about 200 prints just to catch up. I wait for these sales since the savings on a 200 print job will be danged close to $20 as their regular price is 19 cents a print. Well, there's your Sunday Shopper Tip for the week.

On a closing note, you know how I like to read the Salt Lake Tribune each Sunday. There's an endearing little article there about the Price, Utah, J.C. Penney store. Even though the article isn't really relevant to anything we generally talk about here, I think many of our LBR's will enjoy reading it. Click here for the article.

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