Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Harbor Freight Kinda Day

OK, here's how my Harbor Freight Day evolved.  I went over before 8 am thinking they would do something special.  Nope.  Just a crowd of guys buying tools and kids playing paper-rock-scissors. (Photo below left)  I didn't buy anything.  They said they would have a ribbon cutting at 10 am.  So, I went back about 10 and, by and by, they had their ribbon cutting.  The Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors conduct such things.  I got see some folks I know from the Chamber and snapped the cool photo shown here. (Sometimes I get lucky.)  I did buy a folding hammock on this trip.  On my 3rd trip, I went in just to look at a tow bar that might work for the Suzuki.  I will have to go to First Street Welding Monday to make sure it works.  No purchase on this trip.  The fourth trip was late in the day.  We decided to move a freezer out of the garage into the basement.  (That was quite a story as the freezer got stuck in the stairwell.  But that's another story.)  Anyway, after getting the freezer into the basement, we realized it needed to be 2 inches higher so the cord would reach the nearest plug. 
So, it was back to Harbor Freight to buy a mover's dolly for $12.50 so the freezer would be feng shui.  Each time I went to the store, there were MORE people and the lines were even longer than the trip before.  The place was totally PAKKED to the gills and all four checkouts had huge long lines.  It was always about 97% guys freaking out and buying way too many tools.  Pretty funny scene--it looked kinda of like a Far Side cartoon as most of the guys looked like those geeky nerds that Gary Larson loved to draw.  Well, it was history, what can I say.

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