Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our first Harbor Freight Score

A lot of people think that Harbor Freight is only for tools. HA! There are all sorts of cool items lurking in the inventory of that store. The company sells two types of hammocks. One is the hammock you've seen in photos of the Second Chance Ranch. The other is shown in the photos here. Believe it or not, we scored this hammock for a mere $18.39, plus tax! (I somehow managed to surprise Susun with it.)  Obviously, it folds down to next to nothing. Susun, as you well know, is a Hammock Addict--that's one step beyond a Lover of Hammocks. She pretty much HAS to have a hammock handy all the time. Never leave home without one! She can get pretty dramatic if and when threatened with DHDS (Dreaded Hammock Deprivation Syndrome).

OK, the other traveling hammock we have is real big and bulky and tough to pack. It weighs a lot and it has to be packed very carefully so nothing gets messed up and (Heaven Forbid) destroyed. We would have a major crises on our hands if Total Hammock Destruction occurred!!!!

Lo and behold, our local Harbor Freight had the other style hammock in stock. This one will now be our "GO TO" hammock for camping. No more will I have to wrassle the other behemoth hammock and worry about it getting messed up. Nope, we're both in Hammock Heaven now--she for getting a nice new toy and me for having a lot less hassle in the whole camp rig and derig scene. (Click on any of the small photos to see much larger versions.)


Kbred777 said...

I am feeling a trip to my local harbor freight coming on this weekend. I need a hammock!

stasea said...

Mom, you are such a good hammock model!!