Thursday, May 13, 2010

Loose Ends

This is going to be a post that gets updated frequently today.  Rather than start a new post for every little thing, we're simply going to add stuff to this post or amend items within it.

THE SNACK BOX--We took our plastic snack box over to WINCO empty. We bought a box of top quality Zip Locks with the expandable bottom and then we went on a shopping spree in the bulk foods section. We bought soy nuts, two types of roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, 44% semi-sweet chocolate chips, dried pineapple, dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries and whole pitted dates. All of this filled the box. Checkout was a snap--we dumped the box in front of the checker and put the empty box on the other side of the scale and said, "Just fill the box." It worked like a charm. The grand total bill was $21.90, including the bags but only $19.66 for the food items. The total of food items was 10.27 pounds so that calc's to less than $2 a pound for each of the items. The whole 10+ pounds will last us well into camping season.

RAILING JOB--We got an email from an LBR quizzing us about the "railing job." No, it would not be a paid job--it would be a volunteer gig. I call it a job because it would be a huge amount of work. There's 175 lineal feet of railing. If I get it done this summer it will be quite an accomplishment.

TRUCK LOAD ADJUSTED--Bought two big water bottles and now we're carrying 15 total gallons of water. We have four gallons of drinking water and 11 gallons of non-culinary water. We didn't have to sacrifice that much firewood to port on the water. It's all feng shui now.

DOWN SLEEPING BAG--No time for the full story. Suffice to say we picked up the bag from the cleaners and it didn't disintegrate as we feared it might. Cost $17 to clean it and $10 for Rachel to patch it. Twenty-seven dollars to rehab a down bag is a lot cheaper than buying a new one for $200 or more. I need to find some zipper lubricant today--that's the next chore.

WEATHER--Looks like we're going to have temps in the 60's during the daytime and maybe low 40's or upper 30's at night. That's real manageable. Slight chance of afternoon convective precip.

HEAD COLD--Still battling one kick anatomy cold. Feeling slightly better today so hoping that tomorrow will be ok to launch.

Gotta keep crackin'
Cheers, jp

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