Thursday, May 13, 2010

John Prine Kinda Road Trip.

Way back in 2004 our "boss" at Bowery Guard Station introduced us to John Prine. We were all a-buzz about when Prine's next album would come out. It was called "Fair & Square" and it was released in the spring of 2005. You can click here to read the Amazon reviews and list of soundtrack.

Anyway, we had this John Prine CD up in the MOAN country where we lived during those four summers from 2004-2007. We got lucky in 2005 cuz the gubmint gave us a new rig that had a CD player built right into the dashboard. WHOA, how cool was that? So, we'd pop in "Fair & Square" and put on our sunglasses and drive around the MOAN like we owned the place. It was truly wonderful. Some of those Prine soundtracks are simply MADE for MOAN.

I have two personal favorites: "She is My Everything" and "Clay Pigeons." Their lyrics are long--too long for this blog post--so I created a page to place them on. (Editor's Note added May 17: At first the lyrics appeared as a "Page" in the upper left on this blog.  I then shuffled them off to a page on a Google Site.  You can click here to visit that page.)

I simply love that last stanza of "She is My Everything," Here it is:

"She is my everything
When she wakes up in the morning
That's when the birdies
Start to sing
When I hear her voice
I'll tell you boys
I forget everything
She is my everything
She is my everything"

And, for Clay Pigeons? We'd save that track to play when we'd be driving up the Big Boulder Road to Nowhere. It was (is) an impossibly steep and narrow road where people simply don't belong. You never really knew what the next curve would hold in store. We had so many narrow escapes on that road...gee, far to many to remember. So, we'd cue up "Clay Pigeons."

"I'm goin' down to the Greyhound Station, gonna get a ticket to ride
Gonna find that lady with two or three kids and sit down by her side
Ride 'til the sun comes up and down around me 'bout two or three times
Smokin' cigarettes in the last seat
Tryin' to hide my sorrow from the people I meet

And get along with it all
Go down where the people say "y'all"
Sing a song with a friend
Change the shape that I'm in,
And get back in the game,
And start playin' again"

Yeah, we're taking Pink Floyd and John Prine out to the MOAN Country with us this weekend. They are a perfect pair.

Cheers, jp

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