Friday, May 14, 2010

Switching to Twitter

We've moved the Twitter feed back to the top of the left column. We've also added a weather widget for Fairfield. Deduct 5 degrees from these temps and that would be about right for our elevation. There's limited cell signal along our route so don't expect many Tweets. Probably the last one today will be from Fairfield and then again on Sunday from either Fairfield or Bellevue where we meet RJ.

Not much left to do. Truck's all packed. I have to pack my clothes and such. I always wait to the last minute to do that--it's tradition. We'll be out of here early. We're planning on going to Craters of The Moon National Monument for our daily walk/hike. By the time we finish that jaunt, it will be time for lunch. Hopefully, we will get into Five Points about 3-ish or 4-ish at the latest. We don't want to risk losing one of only three spaces to some whiskey drinking Weekend Warrior who gets off shift and runs right out there. That would be Bad Stratigraphy--being stacked up against some axe throwing hog-leg-shooting Bubba Boyz.

Hey, did you know we'rre in an entirely New Age? Sure, well you've heard of the Pleistocene, right? And the Oligocene, too, maybe? Well, Dude, we're in the Bubbacene now!

Y'all have yerselfs a wunnerful ol' Friday and a righteous little ol' weekend, too@ Ya hear?

Cheers, jp

PS Added @ 8:40 am: looks like we're probably gonna git goin' about 9 am.  That means we oughta be out @ Craters maybe 'bout 10:30-10:45 am.  Perfect.  Life is good!

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