Saturday, May 29, 2010

Half Inch? No way!

The NWS is saying we've only got a half inch in the past 48 hours.  Nah, no way.  We're saying it's closer to a full inch.  Such is life with Weather Wonks.  They issue a decree and we disagree.  Anyway, it's been wet, wet, wet all day.  Hard rains now and then and light rains in between.  Since we moved here I can't remember a rain like this.  It just won't quit.  The system that bears the clouds seems parked overhead and going nowhere.  There's no wind to speak of.  It's like this great big rain storm decided to move to Eastern Idado and stay for awhile.  They say it's from the Pacific.  All such storms are ALWAYS from the Pacific.  Duh, where else does the water come from?  But we're wondering if there's a new pattern evolving out there of if this is an anomaly. Normally those who know me would be thinking I'd be a Cheerleader for the proverbial "New Pattern."  My intuition just isn't "into it" right now.  Maybe it actually IS a new pattern.  But it doesn't feel like it to me.  It feels like an anomaly.  It feels like the pendulum will swing wildly to the other side soon and be hotter than blazes.  That's what I have been telling people--we're living in a world of extremes now--the concept of "median" and "mean" have been thrown out the window.  There's no such thing as "average" in the Old School Sense.  That's all so yesterday.  Today is all about wild swings.  That's what we are getting here now--a wild swing to the cold and wet side of the pendulum.  Well, if I am right, the pendulum will swing back to the OTHER side soon and people will be wishing it would be this cold and wet because they will be cooking their anatomy off.  Time will tell and we shall see, as they say.

Cheers, jp

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