Saturday, May 29, 2010

A vicarious hiking trip

Dear Friend & LBR Gary W. is off on an adventure with his hiking buddy, Al.  I'm not quite sure why they chose the route they did--it's an odd one.  They left yesterday morning from a place called "Beaverhead"about 15 miles from Sedona.  They hiked up onto a plateau that's locally called "The Ramp Basalts."  Then they began a cross country route through some heavy juniper forest.

How do I know their route?  well, that's what makes this an interesting vicarious hiking trip.  Gary is a red hot user of SPOT.  He's on the SPOT all the time when he's hiking.  SPOT sends out a GPS signal and it's encoded somehow on a web page and you can actually watch the progress of someone's hike.  No kidding.

Click here to watch Gary and Al's hike.  You can click on the "Satellite" view for a much better idea of the terrain they are hiking.  You can also zoom in by clicking the little "+" sign.  I think their hike ends late Monday and I'm not quite sure about their destination.  It's going to be interesting to watch this one unfold.  I'll add some notes about Gary & Al later but right now I am in the middle of packing stuff for our trip.

Cheers, jp

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