Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooler Kid

Congratulations to Sarah, Peter, Gage and Van.  They moved into their new home yesterday.  Last night was their first night in a home they own.  No more renting!  Van shows he's a Cool Kid by watching the proceedings from the comfy confines of an ice chest.

Looks like Gary & Al are still roaming 'round CAT MOAN Country.  (Yes, we amped up MOAN--see glossary.)  Heaven only knows why they picked the route they did.

The weather yesterday had to be one of the wettest Memorial Day Saturdays on record--if there's a record for such things.  It's a Bluebird Morning Sunday.  Temp outside is 34.  Burrr.  Looks like it's in the 30's most everywhere this morning.

We haven't yet started loading the truck but the Camp Warehouse is looking good.  We're mostly packed.  We're not taking the new boat.  It's just too much extra hassle for a trip like this.  We want the boat's maiden voyage to be a really fun and memorable experience.  I suspect we our departure will be more toward 11 am than it will be toward 9 am.  It's about a 5 hour trip over there.  We could probably do it in 4.5 hours but who cares?  If we don't drive up the Little Wood, we will probably go for a walk on a short trail at Craters.

On March 5 when I retired, my co-workers gave me a $50 gift certificate to Sportman's Warehouse.  I've been out there 4 times trying to spend that money.  Yesterday was the 4th trip.  You'd think the money would be gone in a blink but--nooooo.......I can't find anything we really need.  Ain't that sweet?  Frankly, there's nothing out there I really want, either.  Maybe that means we have the camping gear we both need AND want!  Maybe that means we're getting closer to finally learning how to camp.  Hum...a point to ponder while we drive today.

There will be one more trip to WINCO this morning.  Why?  Just because.  No, actually, I want to buy some sweet corn and tomatoes on the vine to give to the camphosts over there.

Well, time to cook some coffee, scan the Sunday paper and begin to gear up for this road trip.  We might post up something else before we leave.  If not, we switch to the Twitter feed at left as soon as we drive away from the house.

Have a great Memorial Day Holiday and Many Cheers!  jp

PS--Below is this week's forecast for Featherville.  It's 11 miles west of Baumgartner and at the same basic elevation along the river.  The temps looks real good.  (It's 38 degrees over there right now.) Tomorrow's 70% chance of precip will make the 9 am to 2 pm interview time slot a dicey proposition.  Well, you know the old saying, "A weather forecast and five dollars will get you a pretty good cup of coffee!"

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