Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good to go

We're on for the NVUM gig described below.  Made the deal today.  Spent the day rigging the truck and gear for Stanley.  Looks like Camping Season is starting early this year. We're both excited.  Life is Good.  Cheers, jp

Added @ 8:20 Idaho Time.  I was looking for the Phoenix Suns (AKA: Los Suns) score and I stumbled upon a story about the world's largest beaver dam.  It's visible from space.  Click here to read about it. 

I will always remember Bureau of Reclamation staffer Will Doyle on that Verde Canyon Railroad flat car.  He wold get up and make this impassioned speech about how the destruction of beavers by the mountain men and the ranchers led to the destruction of all Western watersheds.  He sure had some compelling points in his speech. I've always looked at beavers differently after heading Will's speech.  Now that this dam has surfaced (no pun intended) it makes me wonder just what was the extend of beaver dams before the English had to have their beaver hats.  Food for thought.

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