Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken countin' takes a turn

We're still countin' chickens but things have taken a wee bit of a turn. OK, you know how we have been excessively obsessing about going to Stanley and how we're going to freeze our ka-zoobies off and all of that stuff.

Well, guess what? Our "boss" changed the game plan last night. We ain't goin' to Stanley and we ain't gonna be camping on the Salmon River. So, that chicken that got counted don't count no mo.

Instead, we're going once again to a place where we seem to have a lifetime pass--The Middle of Absolute Nowhere (MOAN). This particular MOAN location is about 15 miles north of Fairfield, Idaho on the back side of Couch Summit someplace up in the Smokey Mountains. It's called the Five Points Campground but it can't possibly be a REAL campground. How could it when it is listed as having only 3 spaces and there is no fee to camp there? Nah, that's what is commonly called a "throw down" camping spot. You get there and you thrown down yer stuff and that sort of thing.

The maximum work load we could possibly have at this MOAN place would be two interviews because there's 3 spaces and we're going to occupy one of them.
There's no water anywhere nearby. It's in what a lot of locals The High Lonesome.

Being the card carrying Pollyanna optimists that we are, we have already discerned some positive benefits to this MOAN trip. A) We've never been there before, B)It will be really, really quiet, C)It should be a tad warmer than Stanley since it's not in a "cold sink." D)There probably won't be anyone to interview, E)Firewood might be easier to obtain since there won't be as many restrictions as there are near Stanley, F) We can play our XM radio really loud and we won't annoy anyone except the bear(s). We will take our Pink Floyd CD "Dark Side of The Moon" and play it real loud, too. The bear(s) won't mind, we've heard they like Pink Floyd.(Click here to see a Google Map of the location.) The tent symbol is the campground. The other placemark is a nearby hot springs.

We're totally overloaded and over prepared for heading out to this little place. We're far too heavy on firewood and far too light on water. Luckily, we've got a full day to adjust the camping rig to fit this MOAN location.

I guess you could say the other benefit of heading over there is that we won't have to go through very many places where people live to get there. Here's a list of the blips they call towns along the way: Butte City, Arco, Carey, Picabo, and Fairfield. We also pass through Craters of the Moon National Monument along the way. Five Points is located in Camas County, Idaho. The county has 1079 sq. mi and an estimated 1100 people. You do the math.

More on this situation as it evolves. Cheers, jp


Drewser said...

Wow, that IS MOAN. Haha. Sounds great! Is the 70 miles or so from Boise enough to avoid the light pollution?

Marti Spudboater said...

MOAN is a great new acronym for sure. I'm pretty certain I've been there several times myself. There are lots of MOAN opportunities in Idaho. And guess what? I've actually been to the MOAN that you are speaking about, I think. It's so absolutely remote I'm not even sure. I think I camped there back in the day when I worked for the USFS at the SNRA in Ketchum. Or else it was when I worked for NRCS and went up to the Smoky Mountains for some kind of range land field trip. If you're lucky you just might see a moose or some elk. I recall lots of willow and that sort of thing. The good news is no mosquitoes yet. And you shouldn't have light pollution except what you create on your own.

See you soon.
Marti Spudboater