Friday, April 16, 2010


We're both zombied out this morning.  We spent the afternoon burning.  We put in a real full 8 hour day.  We're paying the price for it this morning.  Moving low and slow.  Somehow we keep thinking we are younger than are real age.  Why is that?  We always get a hint of our real age the morning after a high speed work day. 

We do have a real nice fire break on our vulnerable east side.  In fact, it truly is The Best Defensible Space we've EVER had since we've owned this property dating back into the mid-1980's.  Hopefully, we will take a panorama photo later to show the fruits of our labor.

We planned to burn more this morning but we're running on empty right now.  Hiking a steep hill seems like a lot more fun than doing more burning.  Maybe a hike will help restore some of our energy. 

Penny, Sue and Tim are coming for lunch today.  It's going to be great to visit with them.  They all have quite the story as a family--that's for sure.

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