Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wither the weather?

Happy Sunday!  Today is my late Father's birthday.  He would have been 88.  He passed on in 1998.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Susun had quite the busy day yesterday--she actually LEFT the straw house at 5:30 AM! You read that right. She showed up at the Cottonwood City Park at 6:05 am to help her friend Lin Mickelsen stage the 2nd annual memorial run for the late Brian Mickelsen. About 250 runners and walkers participated. Susun really enjoyed herself and somehow managed to squeeze in time to visit a few thrift stores, too.

Meanwhile, I worked on our budding Salmon River Guide Project. Right now that involves doing a blog. Hopefully, we will sign on as BLM/USFS volunteers this summer to produce a paddlers' guide from Stanley to Corn Creek.

I left at 10:15 am with the idea of finding a route across the National Monument to the nearby mesa. One thing led to another and I then decided to see how to get around the Soda Spring Ranch road closures. The excursion turned into a 2.5 hour jaunt.

In the afternoon, we tackled a rock rip rap project and made the place look a lot better. We also rebuilt the campfire ring and it looks real professional now. Naturally, we had to test it out with a fire and it was another fine evening here at 2nd Chance Ranch.

Today, it's 7 am and we're hoping to get out the door no later than 7:30 am and hike while it's still cool. it was in the upper 80's here yesterday and felt HOT.
We want to get up to the V BAR V petroglyph site by 9:30. They are having their annual hoop-dee-doo today and we hear it's real crowded. If we get there early enough, we might not have to stand in line.

Then? Hum...who knows? Maybe a road trip someplace. Neither of us want to do any work around here today. It's Sunday and isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of Rest? Who said that?

OK, the blog post today is "Wither the weather." It's time once again to begin to look into the crystal ball and try to determine our travel weather and our Eastern Idaho weather patterns. The two graphics are from today's Climate Prediction Center forecasts. One shows clearly that the midweek storm is going to be a humdinger for areas to our north. The other shows that the 8-14 temperature forecast calls for COLD weather upon our return to Tater Nation. Much below normal temps for Eastern Idaho this time of year translates into 30-40 degrees during the daytime and freezing at night. After getting acclimated to the desert and 80+ degree days, that's going to be a real culture shock for us. Hopefully, we will not be driving through an intense spring storm system when we head north.

Have a great day and Cheers! jp

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