Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something about Monday

I've been a Blog Slacker lately.  Seems like a long time ago since I sat here pecking away at the keyboard hoping words arise from QWERTY chaos.

Why is that Mondays are so infamous for their own brand of chaos?  I suspect people worldwide of all cultures have their "issues" with Mondays.  It wold seem that Monday should be just like any other day of the week but it's obviously NOT. The mathematical odds are that Monday should share only a 14.2857% portion of weekly weirdness.  Chances are it's probably at least double or triple that.  How come so much weirdness always happens on Mondays?  (Answers gladly accepted.)

My Monday Mayhem started at precisely 5 am--that's when I got up and somehow stepped into a Texas Tornado and got whirled around and spit out just in time for Happy Hour at 5 pm.  A lot of my weirdness involved going to the dentist at 9 am.  Gee, deja vu!  I will be going BACK to the dentist today at 10 am.  Yeah, I'm gonna drop another few hundred bucks in the process, too, and endure all sorts of painful procedures.  Dentists should give you a wheelbarrow and tell you to go to an ATM and fill it with 20 dollar bills and bring it back and dump it in the lobby of their office.  I mean that's basically what happens when you walk through their front door.

What little time I had in the office in the morning (45 minutes) consisted of things I can't even recall.  Then it was a rush to arrive at the monthly Parks & Rec. Commission meeting and I only arrived 5 minutes ahead of time because I had set my watch up by five minutes and forgot I did it.  I guess I did myself a favor.

Anyway, Captain Dave (that's the guy who runs the Good Ship Lollipop Parks) put me and Carrie up at the top of the batting order.  I introduced the topic and called for a show of hands on how many people had read the blog I sent to them Sunday.  Only two hands didn't go up--Truants!  I gave the project a real nice verbal rep and then passed the baton to Carrie.  Naturally, she delivered a smooth and polished presentation and then we took some questions and smiled a lot and 22 minutes after we started our schtick, they voted unanimously to approve the project.  The Greenbelt brochure project came to a close yesterday, too, with a unanimous vote of acceptance.  Gee, that's only been 11 months since we started that one.  Well, time marches on and "progress happens."

After the meeting, I went ovrta Wally and cheated.  Yep, I had 95 cents worth of chicken poppers.  I took my little cheater stash ovrta the Subway and sat down and imagined I was God, or at least Jesus.  I started looking at every single human being and tried to imagine that I loved them unconditionally.  Pretty soon, I decided God and Jesus had a whole lot MORE love than I could ever muster up.  There just wasn't any way I could imagine anybody EVER loving the people I saw walking back and forth through that store!  After I finished my little cheater snack, I decided I'd had enough religious overtones to last me for awhile and I headed back to the office.

About the time I arrived there, a headache came on that rendered me basically useless.  it doesn't take much to render me useless and a good ol' fashioned headache will work everytime!  I stuck it out for awhile and finally bagged it and headed home.  Funny how going home almost instantly relieves a headache.  Whew, tough day at the office.

I ran around town trying to get some final errands finished, did some shopping, bought some jumbo shrimp and finally got to settle down and relax for awhile.

Here's how it's shaping up for us--More dental work today, some office hang time, too, more errands this afternoon.  Tomorrow: Advisory Council @ 10 am, and then various remaining office chores and more errands and packing--maybe throw in an oil change or two for grins.  Thursday: maybe I take Thursday off.
Friday--I was gonna take Friday off but Susun told me I can't.  That means there some conspiracy going on at work.  Anyway, Friday will be my last day.  Friday night--celebrate.  Saturday, get crackin' on packin'  Ditto Sunday.  Monday morning: Dental work to fit two crowns.  Start to blow pipes and power down the house.  Tuesday: Departure?  We shall see.  While are are clearly on the glide path at work, it'll be a sprint to the finish at home.

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