Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cape Sebastian

Dear Friend and LBR Deano posted a comment to the post below this one--the Feb. 27 post.  Here is the text of his comment: "Tsunami hits Oregon shores! Lora & I spent the day at the impact zone of Cape Sebastian where we witnessed the GIANT crashing waves, 30 foot waves, about 8 seconds apart, coming in sets every 4 minutes. Anticipated rise above normal from the tsunami in our area was predicted to be just .7 foot. So the giant waves were more from the moon and storm that gave us over 5 inchs of rain the day before. All in all it was amazing sitting so close to the inpact zone as we were on the cliffs with blue skys, one of the very few clear days in months. Deano

Susun and I have been to this place and it is awesome. Hence, we felt compelled to embed a Oregon State Parks YouTube Video of Cape Sebastian in this blog post--here goes:

THANKS, Deano!

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