Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

I am going to try to tell this day to the best of my ability.

Last night, I was very tired and went to sleep about 8 pm. I slept 5 hours straight, waking at 1 pm for the "call of nature." I then slept another 2.5 hours straight and then from 3:30 am until 6:30 am. All-in-all, I would call that a GREAT night's sleep.

I worked on the internet for 2 hours until Susun returned from her dog-sitting gig.
We had custom oatmeal for breakfast.

Someplace during the course of the morning, I discovered the Chile Earthquake and its potential impact on The Hawaiian Islands. This discovery changed the day.

First, Susun contacted Stasea Rae and then the "tsunami watch" began. Susun was glued to the TV and all of the words that fell forth from therein.

Meanwhile, I actually went to the office to do some stuff. I happened to meet with Emily H. there for a nice long talk. I actually went to the office a total of 4 times today.

Meanwhile, I had some email interchange with Mike in Clayton. Mike agreed to become the very first partner for "Idaho Volunteer, Inc." (iV) So, I spent 6 hours today messing with some way that Mike could sign up to be a partner with iV.
While it was very frustrating to enjoy failure for so long today, I endured success later in the day and was finally able to enable Mike to sign the partnership agreement online and finalize it today.

Why is that important? It was precisely four years ago today--February 27--that we sat in a title company office in Arizona and signed the papers that propelled us to Idaho. So, this day is aa anniversary. It was very important for me to be able to have some actual SUCCESS today in signing on Partner #1 for iV.

I have to admit, I would have been bummed out if I would have totally failed to make this happen. Luckily, I found an online forms company and they are great.Click here to go to the webpage that shows the entire form in 100% of its glory.

Meanwhile, Susun was dealing with all sorts of variables. Her dog-sitting clients are in Hawaii and they were moved to a top floor of their hotel as a precaution. For quite some time, there was doubt they would catch their late night flight tonight. Luckily, it appears they will be leaving the Big Island soon.

Meanwhile, Susun had a Symphony Ushering gig tonight, too, in addition to dog dealings. Well, gee, it sure must sound like a complicated day. It was. Meanwhile, I decided to put my toe into WINCO. WOW--what a wild & crazy place to be.

Have a great night and enjoy Many Cheers! jp

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Anonymous said...

Tsunami hits Oregon shores!
Lora & I spent the day at the impact zone of Cape Sebastian where we witnessed the GIANT crashing waves, 30 foot waves, about 8 seconds apart, coming in sets every 4 minutes.
Anticipated rise above normal from the tsunami in our area was predicted to be just .7 foot. So the giant waves were more from the moon and storm that gave us over 5 inchs of rain the day before. All in all it was amazing sitting so close to the inpact zone as we were on the cliffs with blue skys, one of the very few clear days in months. Deano