Friday, February 26, 2010

Back home

Everything went smoothly and I walked inside the house at 5:39 pm.  So great to be back on Real Time!
Susun went all out for her welcome--a great sign and TWO balloons--one hidden in my basement workshop--she even CLEANED my basement workshop--now that's a REAL welcome home.  She's set the bar pretty high for the next time she travels.  Gee, I am already thinking, "What can I do to top that?"

She made this awesome dinner--I took a picture of it and will post it tomorrow.  Grilled Salmon, fresh green beans, fresh cauliflower, incredible salad--WOW!  talk about setting the bar high, hum...

Unpacking and tending to stuff.  Will write more tomorrow.  Glad to be home.

PS--I did write yet another water report over on the Arizona blog.  Click here to read it.

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