Friday, February 26, 2010

Comment moderation turned back ON

Sorry, Loyal Blog Readers (LBRs), I had to turn the Comment Moderation back ON this morning.  Yep, I got spammed by a nasty commenter.  I'm not even sure how to remove the offending comment.  It looks like it's from the Ukraine.  Luckily, it does have profanities, just a veiled death threat.  That's the trouble with the internet these days, even an lowly blog like mine can still get hit.  So, there will always be a delay once again when you post your comments.  I am sorry to have to do this.  It was fun having comments unmoderated for as long as we did.

(PS--Added later--I did figure out how to delete the comment--it's gone forever.)

Didn't sleep much better and finally gave up attempting to pretend I was sleeping and arose at 5:30 am.  At least I can take solace in knowing the REAL time was actually 6:30 am!  This is fake time up here.

Not much in the morning CDA newspaper.  The local Native Americans are having their Winter Blessing Ceremonies right now from Thursday to Saturday.  I wish I could have gone to them yesterday.  Even though I have no beefs with the conference, the Ceremonies would have been a LOT more fun!

There's a lot of stuff I wish I had the time to do, explore, check out and otherwise enjoy.  I guess that means we will have to return here someday.  I would imagine it's a total zoo scene in the warm weather.  Guess we'll have to find out.

I don't have to leave here until 11 am, well before checkout.  I've decided to forego any of the morning seminars.  I guess that means I can do at least a little bit of exploring around these parts--maybe hike the Tubbs Hill Trail one more time.

They actually do have really good coffee downstairs.  It opened @ 6 am and I was just walking up as the turned the "OPEN" sign on.  Got just about the freshest coffee possible.  Gotta love that caffeine. 

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