Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marathon finished

Well, at least I finished my marathon today.  Whew.  Figure a little less than 12 hours.  Gee, come to think of it, I guess I better fill out my time card.  Lotsa time to log this week.

We bussed  off site to some hip hamburger joint. Click here for their website. There ain't no two buck burgers there!  Nope, I'd reckon most of the menu items were in the $10-$20 range.  Of course, SERVE Idaho was popping for the bill.  I finally got something resembling real food--a chicken Caesar salad with Spanish white anchovies.  It was one of those typical giant plates of salad but it had a few pieces of anchovy and a medium decent portion of grilled chicken on it.  Mostly iceberg lettuce but, hey, I ain't seen no lettuce in days so it looked real good to me. (Just checked the online menu and it was an $10.95 salad.)

I sat with two young VISTA's and picked their brains on their tasks and descriptions.  The other seatmate is the RSVP guy from Twin.  He's quite the story unto himself.  The VISTA's were real fun to talk with, I enjoy those kids. They were both quite exasperated with the bureaucracy and I gave them a pep talk about how they were learning "Life Lessons" that would stand them in good stead forever.  I told them that anyday they beat the bureaucracy is a good day and it's like baseball.  Some guy who hits .400 is considered hall of fame but that means he's missing dang near two out of every three balls through his way.  Just keep swinging and dont' take your eyes off the ball--sooner or later you're gonna start knocking 'em out of the park.  That's teh way it is with bureaucracy--ya just gotta keep on swinging and don't worry about your strike outs.  Swing hard and swing like every ball is gonna sail over the centerfield fence.  I could tell they liked the pep talk--their eyes were sparkling and their faces rosy and cheery.  Kids.

I gotta admit that I am bone tired to the core.  Lack of sleep and poor nutrition and a typical conference schedule are wearing me down.  I'm not gonna chatter any more tonight, I'm just gonna lie in that giant bed and  blankly stare at the ceiling, hoping eventually to fall asleep.  Wish me luck.

Cheers, jp

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