Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's 5 pm here--seems like 6 to me

I finally figured out how to use the "Panorama" setting on my digital camera.  You have to go left-to-right and take three shots.  The camera stitches them together for you.  This is a scene from the balcony of the room.  Tomorrow morning, I will get the other side of the view.  You can click on the above photo for a larger view.

Today went well. The first half morning show was great--really great and I learned a lot. I checked out one seminar during the second half of the morning schedule. It wasn't worth my time but it was a spark that got me writing a mission statement for Idaho Volunteer, Inc. So, that was a bonus.

Lunch was a sack lunch. I threw away the bread and ate the ham innards of the sandwich. Our PM gig started about 1:15 and lasted until nearly 4 pm. It was fun--just the RSVP Directors from Idaho. The Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions people went into their own corner. We got to talk a bunch within our own peer group.

I brought up my failure to enlist volunteerism in the LDS Church. I was surprised to learn no one had EVER had any luck with the LDS Church either. I somehow had thought I was The Lone Ranger in this failure to succeed. Nope, I have a LOT of company. Bill L. said I ought to get a high ranking Mormon on the Board of my new Idaho Volunteer, Inc. gig and maybe that would change things. Food for thought.

After our meeting adjourned after 4 pm, Kent and I talked for a really long time about EICAP's situation and so forth. We are both really pulling for Debby as she is the only person who can keep that program viable and worthwhile. He pledged his total support for her. I laid out all the facts as best I could and he agreed to "play the hand we've been dealt" and work together on behalf of the volunteers and the stations and not to get hung up on all the other stuff. It was a frank and productive conversation.

Earlier in the session, I presented Kent & Colette with custom certificates. They were very happy. Colette said it would be the FIRST thing that would go up on the wall of her new office in the Federal Building. We took a group photo that I will post up later when I have time to review the various photos.

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