Thursday, February 25, 2010

Record low snow?

They hang the local daily newspaper on your door here. The resort owner also owns the newspaper. It's a pretty good news rag, actually, and would make a GREAT fish wrapper as it is the full size needed for most fish. Today's headline is exactly the story I wanted to see when I arrived here Tuesday. it reads, "Lack of snow sets new record." Unfortunately, the paper hasn't posted the story online yet. However, I am certain it will be available online by this afternoon. Basically, the city has rec'd 2.7 inches of snow from January 1 to February 24, and all of that fell yesterday. Technically, it probably shouldn't count since it was gone well before noon. The article is a little ambiguous. In one portion is says it broke the record from 1933-34 and on the other hand it says this year is second to 2005. No clarification is given for this discrepancy. Last year the city has 146 inches during the same time period and it rec'd 173 inches during the same time period in 2007-08! A CDA climatologist stated in print, "This year is the ying to that yang." Interesting concept.

Here's a link to the story. I printed the story as a PDF, uploaded to my Google Docs and then shortened and renamed the link:

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