Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, eh?

Well, time does pass---eventually. Although I'm liking the conference, I'm definitely not liking my crummy sleep. I can't seem to sleep well here. Heck, the beds probably cost more than I paid for our Suzuki Sidekick and the thread count on the sheets if probably higher than my paycheck but I still can't sleep. I wake up every half hour or hour and look at the clock in dismay: 11-12-1-2-3-4-5-6and so it goes. Finally crawled from under my rock at 630am today. Only one more night of this sleep deficit before being able to go home and get some REAL sleep!

I didn't even get to crawl UNDER my rock until 10 pm (Idaho Falls Time). The afternoon was very slow. I tried taking a nap but failed. Dinner was at 6 pm and finally at 5 pm, I figured, this is ridiculous--go outside and DO something! So, I dressed really warm and did the 2-mile loop again on Tubbs Hill. It's probably a little bit over 2 miles but not much. This time I didn't even get on the trail until 5:15 and I covered the loop in 40 minutes. I was hiking at my "3 mile pace" and so that's how I know it really is probably close to 2 miles. It was purt near dark when I came back to the starting point and I was really sweated up good. I went to the dining room and people looked like they were wearing their Sunday Best. Opps. So, I told one of our State Staff I would be right back. Rushed to room, swapped clothes and came back well before dinner was served. They had to seat me way off in teh Back 40.

Ironically, I got to sit next to the kid who was doing some so-called "official" video. He was the ONLY kid I had hoped to talk, too. He looks maybe 17 but I'd guess he's probably 20-21. Anyway, we proceed to chatter about video and the internet. I actually told him some stuff he didn't know. Imagine that. Anyway, it was a lot more fun than sitting with some old person who wouldn't know a Tweet from a...hum...well, I won't go there.

After dinner, I cornered Kent and we talked well into the evening. The SERVE Idaho leader joined us and we three chatted until 8:30 local time. It was a very rewarding evening and the food was good, too, a great big pile of perfectly done roast beef, sliced to perfection. It was actually an excellent low carb meal.

Came back to the room and checked email and then pretended to go to sleep. HA!

Well, my employer advertised my position internally yesterday. They flew out the notice about an hour after everyone went home for the day so it will be in people's inboxes this morning. I will put up a link to my position description soon.

Click here to view my position description:

Gonna go get coffee this morning. They charges $4 for the in room coffee or $4 to buy it downstairs. It's better coffee and more of it downstairs.

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