Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Calendar pages

Back when I was a kid--that's somewhere back in a past life--I really enjoyed going to the movies.  Funny, these days I really don't like movie theaters or movies either, for that matter.  A lot of the movies I watched way back when were black and white movies.  I also loved late 1950's and early 1960's black and white TV shows.  Why do I bring this up?  What is this, some clip out of Reminisce Magazine?

No, dear readers, it's because I remember a rather common scene from movies of that era.  It was a scene to denote the fast passage of time.  Here's what they would do.  They'd point a BIG fan at a small wall calendar, the kind that had a page for every day.  And they'd blow the fan in such a way that the calendar pages would just blow right off the wall and time would go flying by and, before you knew it, a year or two could pass in a few seconds.  Young movie/TV viewers knew right away what this trick meant--it was a segue to the future.  No problem.

Well, that's what I feel is happening to me right now--my calendar days are getting blown away just like in some old time movie.  Poof, gone, just like that.  This week is 40% finished and tomorrow is set to be yet another one of those good old days when the calendar page is set to get totally blown away in a nano second.  BAM, as Emeril would say--GONE!

I shuffled vehicles around a lot this morning, got an oil leak checked out in the Nissan--it's a rear tranny seal.  Hum.  Got Susun delivered to her morning gig, beet feet for the dentist, arriving ontime at 10 am and leaving just before noon.  Ugh, what an unpleasant experience.  Anyway, I now have two fake teeth in front--they are even doubly fake as their crowns are temp crowns--not the permanent thing--that will come at 8 am Monday next week.  What a fun way to drop 800 dollars, eh?

Made it to the office before Debby left.  They are still bumbling around about whether to give her the Director's position.  Geeze!  Carrie came in on time at 1:30 and we worked non-stop until 3 pm. I left about 3:30 and then ran some hurried errands--got my passport pix taken, got some face-to-face time at the Verizon phone center and made the obligatory visit to the WINCO Spa & Total Relaxation Center.

Meanwhile, Susun was prepping for one of her patented "girl's night out."  I will post her pre-departure photo tomorrow.  She's SOOO social!  I sure am happy she has so many social opportunities here.  It's great!

Tomorrow's going to be a fast lane morning--hustling right up to 10 am when the Advisory Council convenes.  It will be my last meeting with them.  Meanwhile, I have to get some reference letters ginned up for two projects.  I have some real pressing phone calls to make, too.  Meanwhile, we still don't know if they are going to hire Debby.  What they do not know is that if they don't hire Debby for my position, she is most likely going to quit.  So, things are kind of hanging by a thread right now.  I might have to write the annual grant for RSVP between now and Friday--in addition to everything else that's going on.  Hum....

Meanwhile, we're chipping away at our remaining tasks--we've got to get postal forwarding orders turned in tomorrow.

I took the plunge and bought health insurance on myself today.  Our total premium for both of us comes to a grand monthly total of $380.  Yeah, it's a rip off but it's a whole lot better than it could have been.

We've decided to dip into savings and pay off every debt we have right now--charge cards, dentists, property taxes, you name it.  We want to say that we retired totally debt free.  The clock is ticking on getting all of that done.

time doth fly-eth and calendar pages DO get blown away!

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