Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art Bench Public Debut

If this was High Fashion, we'd be seeing 20 gorgeous artistic park benches parade flirtingly down the runway, as the obligatory bevy of haute couture fashionistas applaud politely.  Well, dream on, this is Idaho Falls, so the next best thing is a newspaper article placed front and center on the first page of The West section of today's edition.  Actually, getting Good Press is a high art form unto itself and our Collaborator Carrie has mastered both the skill and knack of generating buzz from the media.  Way to go, Carrie! (Click here to see a PDF of the story.)

As you can see (if you read the story), the reporter made mention of the blog we have been helping Carrie construct.  It's a small blog but has a lot of content relevant to the art bench project's process and procedure.  You can click this address to visit the blog:

Well, my last week jumped from 40% over to now being 60% over with the passage of a single day.  As expected yesterday was a High Speed Day.  The best news took place about an hour after I got to work--they finally decided to elevate Debby to the Director's position!  YEA!  (Cue raucous celebration.)
Debby is really Happy and so is everyone else.  We are all so proud of her!

The Advisory Council was a sweet meeting.  Six of the members showed up and we had a great visit, talking about "old times" and so forth,.  Crystal S. announced that it was her last meeting, too.  Ken S. had sent in a note that he was leaving as well.  I suspect Bill & Joyce from Dubois will be waving good-bye, too.  It was a special meeting and everyone said very nice things about each other.  Nick finally showed up an hour after the meeting started and introduced himself.  None of us let on that we already had been celebrating Debby's new promotion and we all acted appropriately surprised when he made the announcement.  If was a fun charade.
I will miss those people.

I talked at length with the guy who got the NVUM contract--he lives within sight of the ocean at Cambria, California.  He knows his NVUM, that's for sure.  I don't know if we will be able to work something out but I'd suspect that we will, just as we have speculated in prior posts.

LBR Maggie J. sent in a great blog comment via email.  I don't think I should repost it here without her express permission.   Anyway, it was fun to have such a long comment on the blog.  Comments from Loyal Blog Readers (LBR's)  have really dropped off in recent weeks.  Not that I am counting such stuff--I don't have a traffic counter on this blog.  Things go in cycles and I'd suspect comments will pick up--maybe it's a full moon thing.

ANd a final closing note today.  Here are a few phrases from a story I just read in the LA Times this morning:
"kumquat chutney dog," "gut-punchingly delicious," "and, underneath it all, a profound, relentless tang."  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "Well, whadda ya expect from The LA Times, John, Shakespeare?"  The quotes above were lifted from a foodie article about a new hot dog joint in El-Eh, The Slaw Dogs.  Man, this guy is really on to something!  If you don't wind up salivating when you read this article, maybe you need to have your saliva glands checked out!  I've mentally been playing "Who Let The Dogs Out?" as I reflect on this awesome article.  Click here to read it in its 'native' format. This is a keeper-classic, at least as far as avant-garde foodie stuff goes so I also printed the article and saved it to my Google Docs.  Click here to read the PDF--it doesn't have the photos.

Speaking of which, some of you know of my fondness for that Baha Men's classic "Who Let The Dogs Out?"
This morning, perhaps in honor of my impending retirement, I decided to capture the coding for a pirate YouTube of the original music video and place it on a separate webpage without all the YouTube garbage.
Click here to visit this page and watch the 3:14 video.  WARNING:  This tune and video are loud and obnoxious and the video signal is very low quality.  Chances are you won't even come close to making it all the way through the 3+ minutes. I like it but you probably won't. Good luck & Cheers!, jp

PS--The latest gubmint water stats for the Arizona basins was posted this morning--I extracted the meat of it and tacked it up on the AZ blog accessible via link at top left.  Yippie-Skippie!

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