Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only one day left

The countdown continues.  Today was a proverbial big day.  There were certain things I simply HAD to get done to "get outta Dodge."  No exceptions.  No procrastination.  No weasel room. Stand & Deliver.  "Git 'er dun!"

Well, I stood and delivered and got 'er done.  Now, we've lowered the flaps and you can feel the aircraft settling ever closer to the runway.  We've all been there (done that)  a ba-zillion times.  The flaps extend, the wheels go down, the airplane willingly grabs hold of earth's drag and it begins to settle ever so slowly toward the runway.  You sit there staring out the window watching the earth rise up to the airplane, watching the wheels dangle down below the wing.  You wait and you watch and the glide continues ever so slowly, like a great dance in the low sky.  You feel the pilot pull up the nose ever so gently and you feel the plane approach stall speed as it settles gracefully to earth.  BOINK!  The wheels hit the runway and blue smoke shoots to the rear.  You're back on earth again, well grounded and intact.

That's what's happening to me tonight and tomorrow.  I felt the flaps extend this afternoon and I know I will see the wheels lower tomorrow morning.  We're on the glide path now, locked into airport radar and avionics.  It's a glorious feeling, coming back to earth.

I am happy and proud to have booked and made this flight successfully.  It's been a long time on this flight.  I'm glad it's finally almost over.  I can hardly wait to deplane.  I can hardly wait for the flight attendant to tell me I can unbuckle my seat belt.  These are moments to savor as the plane glides so gracefully back down to earth.  Oh, how wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Steping off into a new place takeing a breath of fresh air. The new smells, tast and fellings as the bulbs push there way up into a new season flowering to longer days for us to see, smell and view. Welcome to the love of life the new beginings, the peace of mind, heart, and soul you share with us all,Thank you. Deano