Friday, March 5, 2010

Thanks, Deano!

There's some people in each of our lives who are "baseline people."  They always help you understand who you are.  They are like lighthouses on a stormy coast.  If you can see their light, you are OK.  You know where you are.  We reach out to these people and hold on.  Deano & Lora & Susun & I don't often get a chance to reach out and hug each other but we are nevertheless joined at the hip of karma and destiny.  D&L have played a HUGE role in the lives of J&S.  And so it is that Deano left this great comment on my blog post this morning.  I know he won't care if I share it here. (Right, Deano?)

"Stepping off into a new place--taking a breath of fresh air. The new smells, taste and feelings as the bulbs push their way up into a new season--flowering to longer days for us to see, smell and view. Welcome to the love of life--the new beginnings, the peace of mind, heart, and soul you share with us all.  Thank you, Deano"

Thank YOU, Deano! (jp)

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