Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clear & Sunny

Odd how the weather has been clear and sunny each morning since we showed up here.  A week ago we were scraping ice off the trucks in Fillmore and faced a very dicey day.  Ever since then it's been smooth sailing. We even have a flock of mountain blue birds on the property.  It is too snowy for them to be in the high country.  They are hanging out here just below the Mogollon Rim waiting for the snow to go.  They have a long wait.

The Phoenix daily paper has a big front page story on the water.  Salt River Project is going to have to spill one million acre feet this year!  That's right.  The reservoirs are already full.  Roosevelt reached it's highest level ever.  There's one million acre feet in the snowpack right now and ALL of it is going to have to be spilled downstream. Wild!

Yesterday was another local travel day.  In Idaho Falls, we can shop several stores and perhaps drive maybe 5 miles, never more than 10 in a single day.  Here?  Well, a round trip to Cottonwood is 50 miles.  Yesterday we drove 60 miles because we threw in a side trip to the Village of Oak Creek (it has a Sedona address and Zip code) to get our mail. 

We spent $350 on one of those push-behind weed whackers.  There's no doubt we will need one and I really don't want to borrow Gary's or Brad's.  It's normally $400 at Sears.  We also finally found some generic glyphosate (AKA Roundup) and will begin spraying weeds either today or tomorrow.  We kept yet another appointment, running into Brad and Josh in the Safeway parking lot.  It sure was great to see them.  We might get together today.

Didn't get back home until 4 pm.  Lots of little nit-picky household chores.
Gee, I started typing this before 8 am and here it is well after 10 am--those nit-picky household chores really DO stack up.  At least the house will look nice when Susun & Stasea arrive early this afternoon.

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