Monday, March 15, 2010


I guess we've just enjoyed a BBB--BIG BLOG BREAK! There's been no posting since Friday. Nary a word. The spirit has been willing but the fingers have been AWOL.

We got lots done this weekend. Pretty much everything is ship shape. Everything that needed to be assembled has been assembled. All the little nit picky chores are done. Stuff has been made to stand up and salute. Sheds are clean and organized.

Trucks are washed and fueled. Even the chrome wheels on the little truck have been polished! All my tools have been placed in their proper spots, awaiting future duty. Susun even finished the memorial to her Mom, Doris.

I have our mountain bike in tip top shape. The tires have been slimed, and all the bike parts are affixed and tuned. It's ready to roll should the need arise.

It's been more work than we expected. That's usual, I guess. It's been four 9-hour days in a row. Luckily, it hasn't felt like the level of work we had to do last Nov.-Dec.

Now we enter a new phrase of hustle-bustle. Susun leaves early this morning to pick up Stasea at the Phoenix airport. I drive down to NW Phoenix to buy stuff, returning later today. Susun comes back Tuesday or Wednesday. Stasea spends one night here and then one or two nights in Cottonwood. Stasea spends Friday night here. Sarah, Peter and the grandsons show up Saturday morning for breakfast. Stasea joins the family and drives off to The Hogans. We may or may not see Sarah & Family on their return--we hope we do. Meanwhile, Susun then flies to San Diego March 25, returning March 29. That means I have to drive Susun to Mesa March 24 and return to pick up here the following Monday. Hopefully, we will all be back here healthy and happy the evening of March 29.

If that sounds complicated, you're not the only one to think so. I've been trying to understand this schedule for days and daZe. It's already changed a few times and I expect it to change yet once again--probably sooner AND later. I am happy that Susun daughters will be able to visit The Straw House and I'm looking forward to meeting her Grandsons and son-in-law, Peter. I know it's typical that such Family Matters are always in a perpetual state of flux. I just think I need scorecard to see who's on first base and who's up to bat!

Whazzup with a buying trip to Phoenix today? Hum...good question. Well, we've decided to buy a very small freezer so that's the main goal. As you surely expect, however, I will manage to squeeze in a visit to my Holy Grail--Harbor Freight. A guy can never have enough tools, right guys?

I am also going to stop at Fry's Electronics in far Northwest Phoenix. At a bear minimum, I'm going to buy a desktop publishing program but I will probably buy more than that. What happens when you turn a geek loose in an electronics store? Um, well,...use your imagination!

Saturday night we enjoyed yet another campfire. This one was exceptional in that we built and maintained the fire in a 20+ mph wind. I always take a stout wind as a stiff challenge. Who's gonna let a little wind prevent a fire campfire, eh?

Gary & Robin came over for corned beef, cabbage, carrots and camaraderie last night. We have so much fun visiting with them. It's incredible that they wound up being our neighbors. Gary and I have been Dear Friends since the summer of 1980--that will be 30 years this summer--I guess we will have to have some sort of a party before we leave next month to celebrate this factoid.

Well, sorry for the long absence away from the keyboard--I didn't have either time or inclination to sit here at the computer when the weather has been so nice for so long. C-YA soon, jp

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