Friday, March 12, 2010

Busier Day than anticipated

Yes, it WAS a "user friendly Friday," but it turned out to be far more busy than I had planned. First, I spent a long time roaming El Net looking for information on whazzup with the NPS--our neighbor. I found a 58 page document that finally explains what they are doing out there on the other side of our shared fenceline. Gee, it's a $600,000 project! They say they have a "public outreach" component but they never outreached to us. Oh, well...consider the source.

Dear Friend & Neighbor Gary brought over some real eggs from real chickens and we got to chatting about this and that. One thing led to another and Gary decided to help us get water out of our well. By and by, we fiddled with the wiring and, POOF--water comes jetting out the end of the pipe. No more water thievery needed.


After Gary left, we spent a couple of hours getting TV into the house. Then we unloaded all oru tools out of our tiny attic. Then I assembled that Patio Caddie grill and got it feng shui. By and by the trash company delivered a big trash container for us. Now I won't have to drive off to the dump. Whew.

Well, by and by, I decided to run off to Camp Verde and buy a nice 2x2x3 galvanized cattle tank. Why? Well, when we pump water, the water will have someplace to go--that's why. Then I went to the grocery and spent ten bucks and came home about 5 pm.

We had a nice campfire and enjoyed oysters and crackers for dinner. I finished up the day by visiting with Mr. Freely on the phone. When I am on a nice long call, I sit outside in one of the trucks. Lo and behold this HUGE raccoon ambles in front of the Nissan. it's the biggest coon we've seen since 1996 when we hiked out onto the Pacific Coast beach in the Olympic National Park. They have terrorist coons there. This coon was as big as those terrorists. Scary BIG!

Maggie sent a truly hilarious email about her name. Apparently, she has had similar issues with her name as I have had with Randy (and Rudy, too, by the way).
Maybe she will give me permission to reprint her email in this blog. it's a true hoot. Like I said, Maggie--you get 10 gold stars for that one!

Well, time to trundle off into never, never land. C-YA tomorrow. jp

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