Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ushering in some new karma

Susun has been enjoying a great birthday. She got a great e-card from Nancy and a wonderful email from Maggie. She's really been on top of her game today. She went and met with the City Horticultural Staff and got the secret handshake to plant and care for the flagship Hilda McClure Garden again this year. This is THE flower garden along the most visited place in Idaho Falls. She's in charge and this year I will be able to be there to help her, too. Susun was so on top of her game she made chicken salad and delivered care packages to me and her Best Friend, Kris. Thank You, Susun, you really redefined the whole concept of a birthday. We all thought we should be doing stuff or YOU and there you were doing stuff for US! Go figure.

Well, I got a really decent black and white logo up and running for our new venture, "Idaho Volunteer, Inc." Back in October, we sent off paperwork to the Idaho Secretary of State to incorporate "Idaho Volunteer, Inc." as an OFFICIAL Idaho non-profit organization. That means we are now a legal entity--recognized by Idaho State Law with a recorded name on file with the Secretary of State. (We are NOT an IRS 501-c-3, but the key thing is here, we ARE a non-profit in the eyes of the law, we simply aren't tax exempt.)

I have been struggling for a logo for Idaho Volunteers. I've tried all sorts of typograpical stuff and nothing has worked. Last night, I couldn't sleep and I came up with an idea. I made up this logo and you can click here to see it on another blog we will be using for this new outfit. We have "All The Right Stuff" to launch this new phase of karma. We have a website, a blog, a Facebook, a Twitter, an email, business cards, letterheads and a now a great logo to create a  new brand for a brand new era of volunteering in Eastern Idaho and especially Idaho Falls. It's our future!

There's much more to report about today so we will need another post to do so. In the meantime, we hope you check our the blog link to see the new logo.

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stasea said...

I love those benches!! Very clever! We need something like that on Kauai!