Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slight change in plans

"Plans are made to be changed," is one of our Primary Mottoes.  And so it was that our plans changed last night.  They actually changed for the better--MUCH better!

Here's how it works.  Our last day at work will now be March 5 instead of February 26.  This will push back our arrival down in Arizona to the March 10-12 range, instead of the March 6-8 range.  No biggie there.

Guess what we get as a bonus?  Yippie, skippie--another yurt trip!  Yep, that yurt trip was simply too good to forego a second time.  We have already booked our dates for February 17-18 into the same Cygnet yurt.  Hey, we've got the gear, bought the season ski pass and know the ropes there now.  Why not?  If we didn't go one more time, we'd have to wait clear until next snow season to enjoy that place again.

The change in plans gets a better, a lot better.  February 15 is a paid holiday.  Meanwhile, I discovered I have over two days of vacation time built back up and those days will cover the yurt trip.  Meanwhile, the new schedule will allow me to go to the SERVE Idaho Conference in Coeur d'ALene .February 23-26.  Meanwhile, I will be "working" extra hours each of those days up there and will accrue enough time to take Friday the 19th off, too.  So, that means each of two weeks will be only one day in the office.  Meanwhile, I will get to recover $275 for flights I have already put on my charge card.  Meanwhile, I will have enough time the following week to finish my office chores.  And, finally, it means I can convene a March 3 meeting of my Advisory Council and have a finish visit with them before departure.  talk about all the dominos falling into place--WOW!

Meanwhile, (there's ALWAYS another "meanwhile") we've decided to cancel the Yellowstone Mother's Day trip.  That makes the cost of the yurt trip a "wash" on the charge card so I come out $275 to the good on the whole deal.  How good is that?  Yeah, I'm more than willing to extend my final dae at the office by another week to accomplish all of that great stuff.

I actually really DID want to go to Coeur d'Alene.  No, not because it's being held in the swankiest resort in the Panhandle, but because of the great networking I will be able to accomplish. The State of Idaho is picking up 100% of the expenses including food and conference registration, etc so what's not to like about it?

The water valve thing turned out to be a smashing success.  Over and done with in mere minutes.  The city called right after 8 am and I rushed back to the house.  A Big Bubba was using a fancy metal detector to try to find the valve under 2 feet of snow.  He couldn't.  Finally, I told him right here it had to be and, voila, there it was under only one inch of turf grass.  He determined the valave was new and therefore an alloy metal that the detector was tuned to find.  Since it was new, the top screwed off without hesitation and the valve (5 feet down) turned with ease.  Poof, done.
After school,  er, I mean work, I found the correct plastic tubing to attach to the compressor and we're actually getting somewhere with the plan and procedures to drain the pipes.  Then, as if on cue, the Harbor Freight February circular showed up in the mail.  Somehow I was able to buy a compressor at Wally World for LESS money than they are on sale at Harbor Freight.  That saves us a 140 mile round trip to Pocatello.  Cool.

This weekend we plan on finishing all of the entry door security hardware upgrades.  We're also going to do a pre-flight on blowing out the plumping pipes.  We should be "good to go" on b oth scores before the Stupor Bowl kickoff late Sunday evening.

Speaking of Sunday TV, you might wish to watch a more than normal chunk of the pre-game hype.  Why?  Well, it's certain to focus on how The Saints have helped transform the hearts and spirits of the people of New Orleans.  Of course there will be the usual focus on football and the player interviews and highlight film, etc.  But I'd bet about 40-50% of the coverage will be on real people who live in the real world and whose lives have been touched by The Saints.  It should make for compelling TV.  We plan to TIVO at least 5 hours of pre-game just in case.  If we hear there was some really touching stuff aired in pre-game, we'll be able to go back and check it out.

Today is the Big Greenbelt Artist Bench shootout at Dave's OK Corral in the Parks & Rec. HQ.  Everybody will have their Blackberries loaded and ready to draw down on their opponents.  Me? I'm bringing a sawed off 12-gage #2 pencil and a kevlar yellow pad.  I'll sit in a corner and not let anybody get my back.  Ya just gotta watch them Left Brainer Artsy People, ya'll never know when they'll start flinging acrylics and mylar in all directions!

(You can click here to see the 19 art benches in the Downtown Cultural District.  They want to put up 20 more on the Greenbelt.  The idea seems great but it is fraught with hidden peril!)


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