Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plans pretty much approved

Yesterday we pretty much rec'd the greenlight for our plans as described below.  Our interim director was very much in favor of them and gave the go-ahead nod.  It's highly unlikely the incoming director would over ride her blessing.

Everything turned out great at the 3 pm meeting on the benches.  The originator of this plan backed down from her Type A Timeline and agreed to consider our concerns.  She and I set a time to meet to walk the Greenbelt together. Meanwhile, Parks & Rec. Staff will produce a map showing the sectors where they believe the benches would be appropriate.  My main points to her (besides the usual maintenance issues and geo-location, etc.) were A) Her connections with City insiders were giving a two special interest groups undue influence and B)SHe was totally neglecting a holistic approach to the project--it's much more of a landscape architecture issue than a singular bench issue.  She agreed.  Everybody was smiling when they left the conference room, so I guess that's a good sign.

Susun and I cooked up a real corker last night.  NO!  Not THAT kind of a corker.  A corker of an IDEA.  I am not at liberty to detail it on this blog this morning but I sure hope it works out.  It involves my work and how to find a really great replacement for me when I leave.  We called the "prospect" last night and they are very interested in the idea.  It would really, really be cool if it worked out.

The photos were taken yesterday morning after I parked on Constitution Way near the office.  I got out of the Suzuki and looked east and went, WOW!  I wish I would have had my other camera but these are better than nothing.  My office building shows on the right and City Hall on the left.

Pleasant weather is here this morning and more is expected.  Pleasant here this time of year is upper 20's to mid-30's with no wind or precipitation.

Have a great day and Many Cheers, jp

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