Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Monday past

Of all the days of the week, I am most happy when a Monday has passed.  I can easily deal with all six other days.  Monday?  Not so much.  Mondays have a strange habit of being odd.  Most typically, they are chaotic.  Otherwise, they tend to be painfully slow--twice as slow as any other day.  Mondays tend to be very annoying, in general, and VERY annoying otherwise.  Today, I pretty much copped a plain vanilla Monday.  It was in the "plainfully slow" category.  Nothing happened with the new boss except for some visual stuff--but that's a story we can't tell until we are unemployed.  Remind me to tell you about the "escape route" story.  It's not necessarily hilarious but it's kinda close.

I managed to survive my six hours Monday without any terrible incidents.  I went in at 8 and left dutifully at 2 pm.  Then the real work began.  WOW, what a work day Monday turned out to be.  I finally was able to trim down the bottom of the wooden 1939 garage door.  This was weighing on me. Frankly, I have to admit that I was a wuss about it.  I was scared of it.  Scared for more than 2 years.

For some reasons I can't really explain, I decided to tackle the garage door today.  Frankly, I feared I would cut one or more fingers off doing this job.  That's why I was really scared of it.  By gawd, I grabbed my laser-guided circular saw and walked out in the crunchy snow and let 'er rip.  I had my right hand dangerously close to the saw blade for WAY too long.  This is NOT a job anyone should EVER do in the manner that I did it.  It is NEVER a good idea to risk your digits.  However, for some odd reason I can't really explain, I did it safely and quickly and, poof, it's done.  Whew, I can breathe now and that Monkey is off my back.  The door now closes as tightly as it possibly can.  I also sealed the bottom edge against spiders and mini-rodents with a form fitting furring strip.

Meanwhile, I fitted the north door for a new security thing and I am very happy with it.  it took a full 3 hours to accomplish all of this stuff and I finished at 5 pm sharp.  Just in time for wine.

Susun prepped a great dinner of left overs of all sorts.  I'm more stuffed now than since the Holidays.
Leftovers can do that to you.  Some of them are so good they are irresistible.  Plus, she had a salad of my dreams.  So I am stuffed.

Tomorrow is Dental Day.  I am finally going to deal with my cracked front incisor.  Gee, won't that be fun?

I lamely tried to interface with the Challis "community" about the Land of The Yankee Fork State Park.  That was a big mistake and I regret it.  Luckily, I can simply ignore them from now on.  Sometimes Challis can be great fun and sometimes it can be great frustration.  You just never know.

I learned today the Rigby Senior Center is dissolving soon.  Yep, like limp jello in the hot summer sun, it will simply return to the earth from which it sprung.  Frankly, I have no sad thoughts about this Senior Center--it's "baseline" community is full of infighting and, frankly, they deserve to lose their Senior Center.  It serves them right.  Senior Centers, by and large, are cultural dinosaurs.  Only a few can prosper.  It's going to be interesting to see how the fittest manage to survive.

One thing I really do have to celebrate is the opportunity that I enjoyed at the Rigby Senior Center early last year.  That's where we got the idea to do the "World Famous" schtick.  It was a real hoot and went over incredibly well with many of the Senior Centers.  It all started in Rigby--Eleanor Rigby--you remember her, eh?  Anyway, I thought that for some fun, you might enjoy seeing the very first of the World Famous video series.  When you go to this webpage, simply look for the World Famous Rigby Pork Chops and click on the play arrow.  Enjoy!  That place is history.

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