Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally, The Yurt Exposed!

Well, Blog Fans, we finally got around to writing a huge truckload of details about the Harriman Yurt.  You can read about every single arcane detail you would ever wish to know at this "new" blog address:


We were both totally hammered today at our dentists.  Susun came home and went horizontal immediately.
I managed to complete teh above blog before falling flat on the floor (literally).  Ouch!  I was in teh dental chair for 1:45 and they ground down my front tooth and then fitted it for a cap and then, just for grins (no pun intended) they decided to do a filling, too.  All-in-all, I had to have five long shots of the numbing drug.  Owie!

Susun meanwhile had her perio guy grind away on her teeth and he sent home with a whole pharmacy full of various drugs.  I guess this is what happens with age.  If younger people know just how brutal and expensive dental work can become, I can GUARANTEE you they would take better care of their teeth. 

Not much else to report as we've spent all of our non-dental time today messing with the above blog.

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stasea said...

I floss regularly from Moms advice a few years
ago... My dentist loves the story. I do it cuz my Mom
told me too, not the dentist!