Monday, February 8, 2010

Regime change today

The new regime takes over today.  My division has a new director.  He was hired from within.  Even though the ad they placed called for someone with 2 years of supervisory experience this individual has zero experience supervising real people.  His entire career has been in computers--he was the "IT guy."

His "people skills" have been among the worst I have ever encountered in my multi-faceted career since college.  The only worse person I can think of was one of my first bosses way back in 1972.  There was another boss while I was in college mowing the campus lawns, but that doesn't really count.  Anyway, he's going to have to undergo a miraculous makeover to get along with the 13 older women and two cranky geezers in my division.  I honestly wish him luck and hope he "see the light" and changes his errant ways.  It's one thing to be the dominate computer guy that everyone has to beg for help when their computer goes awry.  It's quite another to herd these cats.  Without a deft hand of leadership, these cats can easily go on a claw--they've certainly shown it in my 2.5 year tenure.
I, for one, am a classic short timer.  All my stuff is out of the office and I consider myself "day-to-day."  Hopefully, I can finish the next 20 working days there.  Luckily, two of the upcoming four weeks will be "one day weeks."  This week will be a four day week.  In essence, I have only 11 days to endure in the office before my Final Freedom. 

As is usual with the world, I fully expect these days to tick off ever so slowly. When we are having fun and life is good, teh time flies by at Warp 9.  When we are stuck in a dead end position with no place to go, each minute seems to become an hour. The second hand on the clock moves so slowly it feels like a Hollywood movie.  Oh well, this, too, shall pass.


Maggie said...

Lucky, lucky you, to be leaving incompetence behind. I still face it daily.

stasea said...

I love the count down to leaving a job!!