Monday, January 18, 2010

Storm update & Yurt prep

We just finished posting a storm update over on our weather blog.  This promises to be a really, really big storm.  You may wish to read it at

We spent a bunch of time yesterday hunting for another sled to carry our gear.  We popped for a $33 66-inch toboggan out at Sportsman's Warehouse.  Today we will spend some time rigging it.  We also have to get our kitchen box, food box, and the misc. box pretty much rigged today, too.  We're going to be carrying our clothes and personal items in a backpack and we're certain now we can take over from the truck to the yurt and back in a single trip.  I will post up a picture of the new toboggan when it is loaded later today.

Idaho is out of the mix for this upcoming storm.  We're bystanders. The January weather here is great--best we've had since we moved here.  Yesterday was officially in the 30's but it felt like the 40's when you were out in the sunshine.  It felt great.  If this morning's current temp of 26 in an indication, today will be more of the same.  We are going to take some day old bread down and feed the geese and ducks today--we haven't done it once this year so far.  Shame on us.

We watched the final episode of Season Two for Northern Exposure.  None of the episodes were as weird as the Dead Guy thing.  Last night's episode was totally awesome.  I can't remember when I've heard Susun laugh as hard for so long as she did last night.  She was in stitches through the whole episode.  We both agreed we have to see Season 3 but will tread cautiously about Season's 4 & 5.

Our next TV series we're trying to get is Cheers and The Golden Girls.  We have Season 1 of M.A.S.H but we've never watched all the episodes.  It's probably time to get back into M.A.S.H, too.
I've said this before but it bears repeating--the close captioning on the DVD's makes it a wonderful experience for me.  I love it and Susun says she does, too.

We're taking the big truck in today to get a windshield washer pump R&R'd.  We came close to a disaster in Salt Lake on New Year's Eve.  The other traffic was kicking up a heavy wet, dirty mist that bonded to our windshield and was impervious to teh action of the wipers.  When we had to get off I-15 heading the wrong way--we were heading right into the morning sun and it was totally impossible to see out of the windshield.  Honest, I couldn't see a single thing.  We had to change lanes and find an exit with a useless windshield.  It scared the daylights (no pun intended) out of both of us.  We vowed to get that fluid pump fixed so we'd never have to face that scenario again.  It's supposed to cost $75 including part and labor.  We shall see.

Well, I guess my weather skills suck. I just looked out the window and it snowed last night.  So much for the idea of a bright and sunny day today.  DUH!  I often rag on gubmint weather people for "not looking out their window."  I guess I fell victim to the same stupidity myself.  It didn't snow much but it snowed.

Hey, here's something positive to talk about--studded snow tires.  I have no clue why we didn't get them two winters ago.  They have made a world of difference in our safety driving around town.  It's incredible.  I think they might have cost maybe $150 total for everything for two rear tires installed and mounted.  What a difference.  We actually bought four lightly used studded tires for the big truck this spring off Craigs List from a woman in a trailer park in Rexburg.  We paid maybe $250 for the four of them--something like that.  I have been dragging my feet in putting them on the big truck.  I need to amp up that process.  Yesterday was a wake up call, slip sliding over to Lowe's to pick up the water heater.  If we needed the big truck in a pinch, we wouldn't DARE take it out without having those studded tires.

Can't think of anything more to write this morning so will go get some more coffee and C-YA later.

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