Monday, January 18, 2010

Sled passes test

The new sled, a toboggan, actually, passed with flying colors.  It weighed nearly 100 pounds and was towable.  I felt it in my legs, especially my thighs and I was sweating after only a few minutes but it wasn't too bad.  What helped was the old style aluminum pack frame.  We bought this frame at a yard sale in Gold Beach, Oregon, in July 2002.  We stripped off the mildewed pack fabric and hosed the frame off in a car wash.  Then we rigged it to carry trail tools up the Rogue River Trail near Agnes, Oregon.  We got ourselves season parking passes for all the Northwest Recreation Sites by spending a couple of days doing trail work.  We haven't used the frame in almost 8 years!  Wouldn't you know it's perfect for this task--distributing all the weight evenly across my shoulders and hips.  It's ideal.  We put six 14-pound concrete blocks in the 2 tubs.  The sled itself is rather heavy.  The blocks weigh 84 pounds (probably 85-86) and the sled and tubs probably together top the rig out at 100 pounds.  I suspect we will be well below that for our final rigging.  I just wanted to know that I could tow 100 pounds if I had to.

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